Diseases of the intestinal tract including its terminal part, defined as ano-rectum, are very common in the general population.

Symptoms and signs of those conditions may at time be very subtle and variable while the vast majority of conditions are easily diagnosed and treatable by expert physicians.

Medicine and Surgery of intestinal tract have remarkably evolved over the last decade and it truly became a highly specialized field practice. In the most advanced practice settings, physicians taking care of gastro-intestinal conditions work closely with surgeons specialized in performing surgeries in the same field. In many circumstances the best care to the patient can only be assured by a combined and multidisciplinary approach provided by gastroenterologist and surgeon.

This is what we offer at Harley Street Colorectal Clinic: team work, expertise and quality of care that we have learnt and practiced throughout our entire career spent in some of the most renowned European institutions.

The reason why we have created two different websites, Colorectal Clinic and Gastro Clinic where both of us, Dr. Cristaldi and Dr. Abdel-Samie are linked is because we have areas of common expertise and some others where each one of us is particularly specialized and we may contribute to the care of patients at different levels and stages of their treatment.

We aim to offer our patient the best possible care and outcome with the latest technology in comfortable environment with a personal and friendly approach.


Harley Street Medical Centre has provided Abu Dhabi with quality healthcare since 2012 and has grown to become one of the leading multispecialty centre in the region.

HSMC’s extraordinary patient care team consists of physicians, nurses, surgical technologists, medical assistants, and other administrative staff recognized for their excellence over the years by peers and patients. We are proud to offer over 10 different specialties, which makes us a true multi-specialty surgical facility and we aim to continue developing into new areas. Our goal is for HSMC to be synonymous with the highest quality outpatient surgical care in the UAE.

At Harley Street Medical Centre, our patients are our main focus—we provide a comfortable, private, warm, and friendly environment while attending to the distinctive need of each individual. Everyday, we care for YOU.

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