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Where Is Your Problem?


The appendix is a narrow tube between the small and large intestine, on the right side of the abdomen. Appendicitis is a painful inflammation of the appendix due to an infection.


The cecum is a small pouch between the small and large intestine. It is responsible for absorbing salts and fluids from the digested food.

3.Ascending Colon

The ascending colon is the first part of the large intestine. Digested food moves up the ascending colon where nutrients, vitamins and water are absorbed into the blood stream from the food waste.

4.Transverse Colon

The transverse colon is that part of the large intestine that lies horizontal. Bacteria in the transverse colon further break down food to form feces.

5.Descending Colon

Feces from the transverse colon moves down the descending colon, where it is stored before it is passed out.

6.Sigmoid Colon

The sigmoid colon is a part of the large intestine that is shaped like the Greek letter sigma, and is responsible for expelling waste in the form of feces and gas from the GI tract.


The rectum is a temporary storage region for feces. When it fills, you will feel the urge to defecate.


The anus is the opening through which feces exits the GI tract.

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