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Case Studies

Do you know that at Harley Pelvic Care Centre we use innovative and high tech and multidisciplinary solution to treat common conditions which are commonly misdiagnosed and poorly treated?

Case history

A 25-year-old male with a history of multiple anal surgeries in the past 5 years, due to chronic anal pain with a persistent anal fissure. The detailed history was obtained during his first consultation by our Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Cristaldi with Anal Manometry and Electromyography. Further neurophysiology test called Pudendal Terminal Latency test was done by Dr. Cocco – Consultant Neurologist that confirmed the presence of mono-lateral Pudendal neuralgia. The case was referred to our Multidisciplinary meeting with Dr. Cappellano – Consultant Uro&Neuro-Urologist and the decision to proceed to a mono-lateral anesthetic block of the Left Pudendal nerve. The procedure performed by Dr. Cappellano under the Neurophysiologic guidance of Dr. Cocco in less than 10 minutes in the office under local anesthesia only, had an immediate effect relieving instantaneously the patient form pain. The patient was then submitted to 10 days afterward to long-term ablation of the sensitive component of the left pudendal nerve called Pulsed Radio-frequency Ablation.

This very common condition poorly recognized and treated, receives at our center precise, multidisciplinary and minimally invasive high-tech treatment. Expertise, technology and multidisciplinary care make us different.

Harley Street Pelvic Care Centre - Working Together to Improve Quality of Life.

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